DuraGreen® systems, attractive in many respects!

The effects of vegetation are obvious. Greening the environment has a positive effect on:

  • Cooling
  • The isolation of particulates
  • CO2 reduction
  • De-stressing
  • Noise reduction
  • Improving the quality of life

Due to these positive effects, greening our environment contributes to the resolution of many problems.

DuraGreen works differently

img-over-1Conventional systems often have the disadvantage of not being pre-fabricated and taking up a lot of space. Furthermore, it takes at least 5 years before such a system is mature and the desired effect is achieved.

The DuraGreen® system is delivered entirely prefabricated and has a short installation time. The system is instantly green after placement. It is possible to work with different colours as well. The innovative mounting system is also perfectly suitable to quickly mount solar panels, matrix boards or LED lighting. The sedum-herb vegetation isolates particulates and reduces CO2.

An instant green appearance with the patented prefab DuraGreen® system.


The system looks attractive and has a positive influence on the quality of the surroundings. People feel comfortable in a natural environment.

Today, the positive effect of vegetation is increasingly acknowledged  Therefore,it is more and more applied in the design of facades and buildings.  DuraGreen’s green facades and green noise barriers fit perfectly in modern specifications.

  • The DuraGreen® system is  based on the Cradle to Cradle principle. The system can easily be disassembled and all materials can be reused.

    • Plastic modules (of fully recyclable plastic)
    • Substrate and sedum-herb vegetation (natural product) need little water.

    Processing the DuraGreen® system:

    • Modular system, modules are easily replaceable
    • Simple mounting system, resulting in less disturbance
    • A longer durability
    • Space-saving
    • Cost-saving
  • Our selected partners are companies that maintain a high quality of management and therefore guarantee the realisation of many projects for years. With them, your order is in reliable hands!

  • DuraGreen believes in innovation.
    We continually apply new insights in order to permanently optimise our DuraGreen® systems in use, appearance and functionality. Clients increasingly look for a well functioning, attractively priced, and aesthetically pleasing green facade system for their facades and green noise barriers. The DuraGreen® system offer these specific qualities and characteristics.

  • We established an optimally functioning sales structure for our customers. One central company that supplies, improves and renews DuraGreen® systems on the one hand. Local partners close to the customer for professional installation and management on the other hand. This structure ensures that our green facades, green walls or green noise barriers maintain the appearance our costumers were so enthusiastic about upon completion.

  • Our inventions are patented. The protection concerns, among other things, the usage of our systems for facade-, wall- and barrier, including the way of mounting.

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