Green ECO-blocks

Available separately


The Green Eco-Blocks from the DuraGreen® Constructive-system are also separately available, in multiple colours.



Technical attributes

Dimensions:347 x 172 x 198 mm (L x W x H).
Half blocks available, other dimensions available on request.
Processing:Adhesive mortar, staggered courses.
14,5 units/m2
Colour:Green or anthracite. Available in various colours on request.
Weight block:13,8 kg/unit (weight when empty)
Weight incl. vegetation:21 kg/unit (water saturated weight)
Weight per m2:301 kg/m2
Material:Concrete block
Compressive strength:min. 15 N/mm2
Thermal:U = 1 W/m2K
Finishing:Various finishing’s possible with cover plates of stone-like material
Dilatations / anchoring:Advice from product specialists


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