Green facades

An instant green appearance with DuraGreen’s prefab insulated green facades

More and more building owners consciously choose to partially or completely cover their walls with greenery, socalled “green walls” or “green facades”. DuraGreen offers a cost-effective and innovative solution. The patented prefab modular system can be applied to both walls and facades.

By cultivating the plants prior to delivery in the innovative, modular system, a sustainable application of decorative vegetation is within everyone’s reach.

Green facades offer excellent acoustic and thermal insulation. They provide a pleasant indoor-climate and improve the local air-quality, thus ensuring a healthier living- and working atmosphere. The DuraGreen® system also provides the opportunity to depict different colours, logos or artworks. The modules are unique in their kind, as they can be seamlessly applied in combination with solar panels on the very same mounting system.

Quick and easy to apply, sustainable and attractively priced!

  • DuraGreen developed an ingenious and sustainable system for extensive vertical vegetation. The modular DuraGreen® Extensive facade system can be mounted quickly and easily, and is low in maintenance because of the integrated irrigation system.

    DuraGreen® Extensive system
  • Het DuraGreen® Intensive facade system that was developed after multidisciplinary research has a construction such that it can act as a facade cladding for both new and existing buildings.

    DuraGreen® Intensive system
  • The DuraGreen® Constructive system is unique in its kind. The self-supporting green wall, consisting of concrete blocks with two vertical cavities and two openings at the front, ensures an effectively vegetated facade, with minimal plant failure against minimal costs.

    DuraGreen® Constructive system

The benefits in brief

  • Natural look
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Reducing ‘Urban Heat Island’ effect
  • Fostering biodiversity
  • Soundproofing
  • Healthy working and living environment
  • Applicable on vertical roofs and walls
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Combine with solar panels
  • Cost effective


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