Interior green walls

The green wall system for an even more colourful and diverse interior

groene-wandenMore and more building owners consciously opt for vegetated walls. DuraGreen offers a cost-effective and innovative solution. DuraGreen’s intensive green facade system is as easy to use as it is effective, and can be applied almost anywhere, in both new and existing projects. Green and flowering plants flourish luxuriant in the indestructible growth modules. Partly thanks to the freedom in choice of plants, there are an innumerable amount of combinations possible when it comes to design. The selection of unique plants to grow on a DuraGreen® wall-system will be made in collaboration with you. The DuraGreen® system also provides the opportunity to depict different colours, logos or artworks. 

The choices made are based on our experience, the surface that is to be vegetated, the building’s architecture and other environmental factors, but above all, based on your wishes

Green facades offer excellent acoustic and thermal insulation. They provide a pleasant indoor-climate, and improve the local air-quality, thus ensuring a healthier living- and working atmosphere.

Quick and easy to apply, sustainable and attractively priced!

The benefits in brief

  • Natural look
  • Fostering biodiversity
  • Soundproofing
  • CO2-reduction
  • Cooling effect
  • Positive contribution to climate controll
  • Healthy working and living environment
  • Promoting productivity
  • Healthy working and living environment
  • Applicable on vertical facades and roofs
  • Simple and fast installation

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