DuraGreen manages roof gardens, green facades, -walls and -noise barriers using the DuraGreen® Management method.

For an attractive and sustainable green roof, green facade or green noise barrier, competent maintenance matters greatly. After all, ‘Green’ is about living products, which require maintenance.

DuraGreen developed a sophisticated method to maintain the appearance of your roof garden, green facade or green noise barrier, you were so enthusiastic about on delivery.

A tailored maintenance plan is made per project, based on the DuraGreen® Management Method. We offer the opportunity to conclude a DuraGreen® management contract for each period. A 5-year management contract perfectly enables the customer and DuraGreen to jointly maintain a beautiful product.

The method’s guiding principle is completely taking over the care for maintenance of the product concerned. In this way, you have a perfectly maintained and aesthetically satisfying product at your disposal. Naturally, we discuss with you how the communication will be arranged in an optimal way.

The DuraGreen® Managment method stands for:

  • Professional maintenance based on the latest insights and methods
  • A functional product
  • Competent staff
  • A deal is a deal
  • A pleasant collaboration for years to come
  • An aesthetically attractive product
  • Affordable
  • Carefree
  • Comfort

You are cordially invited to make an appointment in order to tailor the DuraGreen® Management method to your situation.

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