DuraGreen’s products are developed together with renowned partners. For you, as a customer, we established an optimally functioning sales structure: on the one hand one central company that supplies, improves and renews DuraGreen® systems. On the other hand local partners close to the customer for professional installation and management. This structure ensures that our green facades, green walls or green noise barriers maintain the appearance our costumers were so enthusiastic about upon completion.

Our selected partners are companies that maintain a high quality of management and therefore can guarantee the realisation of many projects for years. With them, your order is in reliable hands!


Elro specializes in the application and maintenance of sustainable roofs. The company holds offices in Apeldoorn, Gorinchem, Alkmaar and Son, making Elro active all throughout the Netherlands.
Her clients include companies, institutions and governments; Elro works for housing corporations , municipalities, healthcare institutions, insurance companies and pension funds, property managers, owner’s associations and institutional investors. In more than 25 years, Elro gained an excellent reputation in projects throughout the Netherlands. Whether roof renovations, thermal renovations, improvement of water management, roof development or roof safety: Elro takes care of roofs in a professional, reliable manner and always with a sound and sustainable result. For terrace-, garden-, energy- or parking roofs, Elro is the right partner for you.

Kwerreveld Dakbedekkingen B.V.
With 3 offices (Winterswijk, Culemborg en Hamminkeln (Ger)), Kwerreveld Dakbedekkingen B.V. is a company that operates both nationally and abroad, with more than 50 years of experience. Kwerreveld specialises in processing all kinds of roofing, modified bitumen as in EPDM and plastic roofing materials. The company specializes in total solutions for renovation and new buildings. Special roof applications such as energy roofs, parking roofs and vegetated roofs also belong to the company’s remit.

Hollarts Plastic Group

A plastic injection molding company, Hollarts Plastic Group BV takes care of the development, production and delivery of plastic injection molded products. Thanks to her personal approach, modern machinery and extensive opportunities in the field of warehousing and logistics, Hollarts offers her customers the best total solution:

Offering advice in the engineering phase, planning carefully and forecasting, flexible- and continuous coordination during the production and delivery in time and at the agreed location. These facets of the production process are just as important to Hollarts as the quality of her products. With her full-service approach, Hollarts delivers to the floriculture, food processing industry and the food sector.